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I quite enjoyed the game experience, particularly as a builder. The replay feature is fantastic, and I like being alerted every time there's a kill in my bases. My frustration came from feeling the need to raid, but also some other issues I would like to address.

Key binding snafu. While building I bound a command to F. That unbound everything else on F, and when I raided I couldn't retry after dying the first time. Not only that I couldn't reset all bindings, and had to go into the game files to delete the config.

Lack of information. Things such as the tombs, how to prestige, and how danger ratings were calculated were all things I learned only from watching videos and reading forums. The specific location of the Prestige menu was quite small and easily missed.

I know a lot of feedback has addressed slowness of progression and not enough synth gain. I wanted to add that Parts were not used enough--I had 1,600 parts and very little to use them on. Why do parts not go into trap+mod research? From a story POV it makes more sense why mechanical traps would use mechanical pieces, not biological cells.

Beyond that, I wanted to offer a wish list of things I'd like to eventually see.

  • Allow HRV to move vertically. While I understand the concerns about builders making the genmat inaccessible,to use a phrase from elesewhere "they gave us a grappling hook, then required the path to be wheelchair accessible". I'd like to create platformer levels or otherwise offer different means to the genmat.
  • Ability to give small rewards to raiders. Hear me out, the tomb is supposed to be an optional objective but its location is random, building to it may be very difficult. So I would like the control to place a cells or parts drop, and use them as "secrets" such as behind a corrosive cube, rewarding exploration.
  • Toolbar(s) in Build mode: a quickbar where i can place the blocks/traps i want to use a lot without tab-menue.
  • When flying in building mode, the option to clip through blocks.
  • Either signage for builders, or a specific decal symbol for the tomb and genmat. Honestly I want to direct raiders to the tomb.
  • A non-damaging trap that pushes, and a swinging-blade trap--especially if its trigger is anywhere along the arc.
  • A block type with a rounded side. This would allow the creation of pillars, as well as facilitate various artistic creations.
  • An arrow-shaped light.
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    I had the same issue with parts. Was between 6-7k the last few days, and I just stockpiled grenades/shields because there was nothing else to use them on.

    Haha, I hadn't seen that quote about making the levels wheelchair accessible before, cracked me up because, yea, that's absolutely true.

    I love the idea of tombs being moveable, though I'd love a negative repercussion if the builder has covered them to be inaccessible (or made it so all the mats from them fall into corrosive blocks). Really irritating.

    Regarding signage for pointing out tombs, there seemed to be a community theme of "follow the blue zipper paint to tombs". Granted, this wasn't universal, and it's not set in stone by the system, but I saw this happening quite a bit.

    I love both your trap inclusion ideas, non-lethal traps set up to mislead people alone would mess me up as I like to play paranoid usually. Personally, I feel like we shouldn't be able to tell which traps are which until they activate, as quite a few times if a Impaler wasn't directly in my way, I wouldn't even worry about it. I guess if it didn't activate at a distance, it'd still be the same issue though.

    Agreed on Pillars too, I'd love to see the artistic maps people could build with more basic building blocks. A lot of maps were really neat looking, but it was clear they would have done more with more options.

    Bit confused on what you mean by an arrow shaped light?

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    The glowy lights you can put on blocks. One is T shaped, one is + shaped. Well, an arrow shape! That's a clearer arrow.