Let us replay the tutorials (and the intro)

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

My friend, who was excited to dive in, skipped the intro and also skipped some parts of the tutorial. As a result, he didn't really know that he had limited ammo, and that he needed to use the grapple to retrieve it. I also sort of zoned out during some parts of the tutorial, and missed some info.

Here are two possible ways to resolve this:

  1. Simple way: Give us some buttons somewhere in the Sanctuary, to replay the intro, replay the raid tutorial, and replay the builder tutorial.
  2. Harder way: Instead of tutorials, teach us in-game. For example, if the player is out of ammo, but keeps trying to shoot, then show a hint that they need to retrieve their ammo. Or if they haven't used the grapple recently, then put a small hint on the screen, reminding them what the key is. It should be small enough to not bother players who already know, but a helpful reminder for players who are stuck.

I think for a quick and easy solution, number 1 might be the best use of devs time.


  • noggieB
    noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

    For an example of #2, in Apex Legends, if you run for 200 meters with your gun in hand, then it shows a hint which reminds the player they can press C to holster their weapon and run faster. Most players don't see this, because they already holster their weapon before that. But it's also small enough that it can be ignored, if not needed.

    There are other minor ways the tutorials might be improved, but these probably have a lower cost-to-benefit ratio:

    1. [above]
    2. [above]
    3. Optional bonus: Keep the instructions in the corner of the screen, rather than popping up the instructions, forcing the player to close the popup and remember what they just read, with no way to go back!
    4. Optional bonus: Let us rewind and forwardwind through the tutorial, so we can quickly scan for any information we may have missed.