What are your thoughts on the "Unrelenting" mod for the Impaler trap?

Matoshiro Member Posts: 4

The "Unrelenting" mod gives the trap an infinite amount of activations. After debating with fellow discord people on the community server. A lot of us think that the Unrelenting mod is pretty weak/useless.

First of, the biggest point of Impaler are:

-It's cheap[30 capacity].

-Fast activation time [1 second]. (You can still destroy it in melee, even when caught by surprise).

The cons:

-It takes one cube space. (cannot be placed with a piston or Impaler, which makes sense).

-Easy to run past.

-It's a close trap, so it's easy to destroy.

-Only 1 cube of detection range.

-Destroys/blocks projectiles of other traps.

We've tried a few different setups, and it seems it wouldn't work in most cases. I'll quote a few friends:

"Unrelenting has no affect on speed runners. They're gonna run past it on the way in and out.", "Unrelenting has no affect on slow raiders. In any cases where it could kill them, they are close enough to destroy it. If you are slow raiding, you won't leave a trap un-destroyed too".

In most cases, it will be outshined by other traps(Incinerator, boltshots, etc).

We think that it shouldn't be a mod. That it should be in from the get go for the Impaler. Kind of like his brother "Piston" boy.

The proposed mod to replace it would be something akin to "+1 cube radius of detection range mod". This would be a much better mod for "Hold+W" raiders, or other setups. Moreover, there's near no real reasons, why Impaler shouldn't be "infinite" from the start.


  • Lastpenfighter
    Lastpenfighter Member Posts: 18

    This is an interesting concept. Unrelenting really is a useless mod for the Impaler that won't see use, making it a waste of progression resources.

    The detection range aspect is interesting, but it'd be a risk to run. Slower, more methodical players will set it off from further away and potentially before it's even at risk of being lethal. I'm not a personal believer that we should try to balance traps around speed runners as that is a design issue on the side of the Custodian, not the devs of the game.

    Perhaps for the Impaler the solution is to give it a "+1 Armor" mod so it can take a hit and keep working, meaning you have to hit it twice in order to full disable it? Haven't really thought that through but hey, this is the place for discussion after all! Haha.

  • Entchenklein
    Entchenklein Member Posts: 35

    hmmm +1 Armor would be interesting cause it would also make the Relentless modifier usefull again maybe

    but personally i feel like even tho its kind of a useless perk it should still stay cause some people might still find it usefull and it can get usefull again when new modifiers are getting added

  • CotePathos
    CotePathos Member Posts: 31

    Unrelenting currently isn't great but making it base kit and adding a detection range mod could make the trap OP as hell; think pistons perfectly timed to always catch you covering the entire harv path. And if it doesn't catch people with speedboosts or grapplehopping then all you've created is a noobcrusher, which is something this game seems to try and avoid.

    I think entchenklien is right, it may be useless now, but who knows what they will add that it can combo with.