Will PS5 have Gyro Aim for Controllers?

BJgobbleDix Member Posts: 1
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Curious if PS5, at launch, will have Gyro Aim support for controllers--gives "mouse-like" aim for controller players with use of motion controls:

Its become very popular in the past year on Playstation, Nintendo, and PC--Playstation has really taken off since its become more standardized in many games such as MW2, Fortnite, Horizon, God of War, TLOU and so on.

Unfortunately Xbox is the only system lacking the technology but maybe changing in the near future since they are prototyping a new controller with many of the DualSense features. But just curious cuz its my method of aiming on controller and would love to play this game but kinda need Gyro Aim as its a pain to go back to traditonal stick aiming since Ive converted over a year ago.