One more feedback to the ranking system

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 140
edited April 1 in Feedback

If the topic of this point has been implemented already at launch I will just delete this post.

Okay now, I have seen some people not wanting to always be forced into the ranking system, or felt like they were forced to play a specific way because of the ranked system.

A solution to this might be, a new difficulty named ranked. Only maps played in the ranked difficulty will count towards the rank of a player. Maps appearing in this category maybe also can be just taken from every difficulty, without stating its difficulty ranking. Well, there might be other ways like a new map activation state, between the normal activation and social map.

These are just some thoughts I wanted to put out there after encountering various people having some concerns regarding the ranking system. Maybe something can be added with the sector 1 release or after that when the ranks are reset.