Every bug from closed beta is still ingame?

Ggjustice Member Posts: 22

Can someone correct me on this? So far every bug i reported is still there? What happend with devs? Do they even read these forums?


  • Tsulan
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    I´m afraid, this version is less stable than the beta. In the 2 1/2 hours i played, i had 3 freezes where the only way out was to end the game via task manager and i had a base building bug, where just picking up mats from a killed raider turned the status of the map to insuficient minimum defenses.

    The beta was much more stable for me.

  • konchok
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    Ggjustice, have you ever been involved with an actual development cycle. The way that things work is that when a bug is reported they are first categorized, then prioritized, and then they need to be reproduced, and then they need to be debugged, the root cause identified and then a suggested fix is created and a version of the software where the fix has been applied is created. This does not even cover other items that are happening at the same time, for example making additional changes to the software.

    Why are you suggesting that the bugs that you reported are the highest priority for what they need to do?

  • Ggjustice
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    Konchok, have you ever been involved in publishing a game monitoring its success from all angles and then reaching a conclusion.

    When a customer encounters a product for the first time, they form an initial judgment about it based on their sensory experience and how the product is presented to them. If the product looks appealing, has a clear value proposition, and meets the customer's needs, they are more likely to be interested in it and engage further.

    "The way that things work" and the way they should work is completely different. I am calling their judgment and expressing my dissatisfaction for a product i like/care about and am concerned for its value going down[popularity,enjoyment during gameplay...] due to some things that could've been done better. I have witnessed many other games i enjoy die out due to lack of first impression and good marketing. And them putting bug fixing as a low priority on INITIAL launch the moment where its very crucial moment for game success is just disappointing...