QoL: Additional filters for replay station

hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

Currently I have over 500 raid attempts on one of my outposts and only 10-20 on my newer outposts (where replay feedback is more important for me since first outpost is doing great). My replay station is bugged now but even without the bug I don't know how can I find those 20 replays among 300-400 replays from another outpost. I'd scroll forever and then scroll again because after every watch you have to start searching from the beginning.

And yeah, this outpost is poular because of normal difficulty and release date, I guess, but it isn't a one-day problem, the problem definetely won't gone later since more replays are coming before refreshing update months later. There should be ways to search and navigate through replays outside of watched/success options. It would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe search for specific outpost, search for player name. Even page option would be better way to find things, just like it's done in DbD.