Controls for replays have crazy behaviour

hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

Several replays were bugged for me in this way:

After death I was trying to skip to the next event (E key) but progress bar jumped to the end and whole replay broke.

Other time ANY key looked like "play" arrow and replay refused to start, my game froze and wasn't responsive in any way, alt-tab didn't work and I had to hard reset my PC.

Another time "next event" key led me on previuos event instead, then I tried to skip 30 seconds forward (video was 9 minutes long), but visualy it skipped too much forward (several minutes). Then I tried to skip 30 seconds BACK but progress bar jumped even closer to the end and - again - replay broke.

It's different outposts, different players, and most my replays bug themselves this way or another.

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