Biolinks won't work

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I have the iron side suit equiped, and I have rapid fire level 2, and shot tracker level one, but neither of them are equiped to my suit. Instead, gap closer, an ability exclusive to the other suit, replaced both the biolinks I actually wanted, and I can't equip them.

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  • JammyonHammy
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    I’m having this problem as well. OP, were you also playing co-op with another player? I played this with my friend while they had Kamatachi, I believe this messed with my own class and biolinks. Seeing as the game sort of restricts you little to the host’s “area” if that makes since. Like co-op building only allows you to build with traps, guards, etc. that only the host owns. I think the way to bite through this is maybe mastering the ability to that you can select it for biolink slots?

  • MeyersEnthusiast
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    I noticed it happening while I was playing co-op, but the bug is persistent. Right now my ironside suit is entirely useless unless I find a way to swap gap closer for an ability I actually want. The same thing happened to my starter gun. I upgraded it to having 3 shots, but it would only have 2 on co-op raids. Thankfully that bug didn't persist, but it's still annoying to have things just not working after grinding to get them

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    Just got this bug myself. I can confirm that my co-op partner was Kamatachi while I was Ironside and now I can't pick my Biolinks and it only has the melee lunge one.

  • andysbacklog
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    I’m having this same issue but neither my buddy or I were playing with the kamaitachi suit. This didn’t happen for me until after I purchased the Scorched Necropolis DLC. Before that I was fine. May have been a coincidence but I’m not sure what else may have triggered it.

  • Tarook
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    Same here. Happenned after I was building with a friend and he was hosting as kamaitachi

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    I don't have a second suit, has anyone tried to swap between them to see if it fixes it?

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    Grinded out a bit more myself and it makes no difference, still can't get Ironside's upgrades back.

  • So_Gingerlicious
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    This happened to me as well I've upgraded those parts again to see if it was just the first half that was glitching but I still cant access them

  • Fierce_Red_Fox2033
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    Have the same bug. Super annoying. Switching suits doesn't help. Happened after entering co-op build with a friend.

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    Just making this pop up again because I'm still bugged and just wanna play with my upgrades :(

  • Jens
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    Me and my friend also encountered exactly this issue after a coop building session on PS5. Not having any of the suit upgrades is really frustrating... Only gap closer is available on the iron suit and not even mastered bio links cannot be assigned to the melee suit. :( Please let us know if you are aware of the issue and if you plan a fix.

    Also on Reddit many people report this:

    Please fix this soon as it is really breaking any motivation...

    Many Thanks!

  • Jens
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    Update: There is indeed a workaround for both suit and weapon.

    Weapon: buy a second weapon and switch in the beginning of the raid between that and the bugged weapon to fix it.

    Suit: buy both suits, then upgrade both the bugged skill and gap closer to the master level. After that the switching of the two mastered skills is possible.

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    New update didn't fix anything with this glitch so I guess it's time to grind to max skills to fix it.

  • Madhatterman
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    Same issue. Here. Not enough credit to buy all upgrades just to see if that helps fix it…

  • CyberHobbit
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    Same issue, it happened after coop.

    I bought all upgrades of all suits and my iron suit can still only have one upgrade...

    Very frustrating to have bought all the upgrades to try to solve the bug and this not work...