Some raid features

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Hello. I love this game and it's great. Yet, after playing it for 2 days i have few suggestions.

1) I think builders should be rewarded if raider uses consumables(grenades etc). They are powerful, so when somene breaking whole your room with 2 grenades is dissapointing. Not because raider passed the room, but because game didn't acknowledge that he had to use strong consumables for that. A little reward won't hurt raider, but with that clearing a room or bunch of warmongers with 1 grenade wouldn't feel so bad.

2) Not sure if it's intended or a bug, but when raider is revived in co-op, he resets his ammo. Feels a bit not fair, since i for example use corrosive blocks to reduce amount of ammo.

3) Weapons should share the delay. Otherwise raider can get rid of 2 traps in instant or kill armored enemy.

Also, the replay feature is completely broken. It makes you watch whole record in 2x instead of just watching certain moments.


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    Forgot about one more thing: i think raids in which raider didn't get his GenMat shouldn't affect Kill Ratio. Because when someone gives up after 3 deaths it counts as an attempt with 3 kills and affects kill ratio negatively, while it shouldn't.