Parts currency

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Probably every player from the beta noticed how much they're getting parts and synthite, and a smaller amount of cells. With synthite we buy burial states and with synthite and cells we can buy essential upgrades for raider suit or traps and guardians. Cells are necessary for progression, and it's hard to get them. What about parts? We're getting it as much as synthite, but we can spend it only to buy and upgrade weapons. However to upgrade weapon and unlock them we need cells. Yeah it's understandable when there's cells price everywhere, just to slowdown our progression.

There starts the problem, where else we can use parts? Hardware, but even when i buy grenades, shields etc, i still have thousands of unused parts, compared to synthite and cells. Cells are used everywhere, synthite is used much more then parts, and also needed for burial states.

Nearly forgot - boosts. Yeah there are boosts where we can use parts, but price also contains cells or synthite, that's why i don't use them. Isn't it just better to upgrade something instead of buying boost?

That's why I'm asking to give to parts anything interesting, besides boosts and hardware.


  • konchok
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    If the bonus for synthite only cost parts then that would at least allow me to essentially trade parts for synthite. I get that cells are hard to get but why is it that I can choose to raid and that's fine but I can't afford to build and only build. My bases are doing phenomenally, like actually super amazing. But I can't keep them all prestiged because it costs too much.