Don't reduce synthite drop quality without telling us why

CotePathos Member Posts: 31

I and other have noticed that occasionally synthite drops switch from being worth 5/10/20 to only 2/3/4. Given we're not told why this happens, it is extremely frustrating.

I understand wanting to incentivize raiding, but quietly stealing our synthite production isn't the way to do it.


  • RicSimane
    RicSimane Member Posts: 42

    I've also noticed it yesterday. It's super weird. I think it's some weird restriction to prevent players from collecting and having to much synthite and that other blue stuff. Which is strangely punishing for someone who created a hard outpost.

    Like I'm pretty sure that when I was collecting resources from fallen players I noticed that I'm getting only 1 material from each block. I stopped, spent synthite to prestige Outpost and it was back to giving me 5/10/20