Fix the maprating system please (or: Man if only someone saw this coming!)

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I'm just here... admiring the wisdom I spew back in alpha...

Its almost like it came exactly how I said it would go... with people exploiting this broken rating system and stupid requirements...

This is so sad to see... it had such great potential. But what do I know. I am just a random internet guy with over 10 years of early access experience (I like to see games develop over time) and you guys are the hardcore fans that love the game no matter what. So you can't be wrong.

sigh Well... if there is anyone out there wanting to read my words of wisdom from prerelease, here it is:

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As you still haven't fixed it, once more:

I will not buy this game (this is not a threat, but me as well as many steamreviews have said the same thing) until maps are no longer rated by trapusage, but instead by kill/extraction/abandon ratio.

Also Harvey is still stupid. I am very happy to see many top comments on steam finally giving you the same feedback I gave in the open beta.

It makes no sense in any way shape or form to have a freeforming platform towerdefense game but have a creature that needs a solid path to walk on.

Both these systems BREED exploitation (how to kill the most while keeping difficulty low) and new players will find "easy" maps that are neigh unbeatable.

Just make it like any other good mapbuilder:

Force the builder to finish their own map before uploading... OR make it optional (either or)

But I won't ever build a map where I don't kill harvey in the startingarea. It is just a stupid concept.

Maybe he can be invisible... but forcing him is just so anti fun, that it ruins this otherwise great game.

I hope you will finally see that I wasn't talking out of my behind, now that the actual public gets to play and review it and not just diehard fans here on the forums or on the discord.

Until you fix this, have fun and otherwise great game :)

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  • Viktoriusiii
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    Just here letting you know I told you so ^^

    (I also made a similar post back IN the betatest, but this one is a bit more focused)

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    while i dislike harvey, having him is the only thing stopping us from seeing platforming mazes with no clear route forward since there isn't a mandatory marking system to lead in the right direction. since builders are in no way rewarded for raiders COMPLETING their outpost, they have tended to leaving one palate on every single wall so there is no directional cues. as for "validation of maps" it's already been delcared behavior has no intention of doing that. and trust me, you don't want them to. the nightmare maps i'd make if i didn't have to deal with harvey are the only bases you'd see. things where having a shield is REQUIRED just to TOUCH the genmat. this isn't something behavior wants nor do i think most of the people who play (even if there are a small group of us who love that nightmare) if you don't buy the game, thats your choice. i personally am loving the hell out of it, even in it's buggy state.

    there should be alternate modes that allow the changes you have suggested, it should not be the base game that everyone is required to play. they aren't good enough.