Give map tester bot commands

wydyadoit Member Posts: 1,113

Dear meet your maker devs;

Please give the map designers the option to adjust the ai of the map tester walker bot thing. The bot should be able to jump at the very least. By adding the feature for the bot to jump, the builders can begin to create platforming mechanics. This will add an entirely new dimension to the gameplay.

by telling the bot to jump it will attempt a jump in the direction specified by the player. The jump can be vertical or horizontal or a combination of both - taking into account the maximum and minimum player aerial momentum adjustment that can achieved. This will then be factored into the direction and the bot will attempt a jump. If successful the bot will record the values, continue along the path and attempt to make it to the objective.

If unable to complete the jump the bot will not jump and will instead treat it as a dead end that basically fails the qualifications for a valid level design.

This should be added at the very least.