General Feedback about everything

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 140

So I have a couple of hours now in the game. Have played in all tests so I will talk about all the things.

First of all, I want to talk about the ranking system. It is a great addition to now have a ranking number in master rank, but I still feel like a public leaderboard with the names and elo numbers of the highest-ranked people can be seen. It shows the top players their competitors and the lower-ranked people who are at the top. Right now it is pretty much anonymous which is not the greatest. It is good that the system now is a bit more lenient but I still feel like you should at least on average lose 60 elo if you lose elo on a map of equal rank.

Some also want a separate ranking system for builders because builder-only players can't compete with raider mains in elo gains. I am not opposed to that.

The general gameplay feels great and fluid, although there are some crashes here and there atm, but that seems to be worked on.

I would love a way to sink my cells, I can sink all my parts in hardware and synthtie in outposts, but cells are very weird and just cap and then you can't do anything after unlocking everything. This is just going to the plants again, or making it cost 1000 cells to pat hrv or give me plants that I can grow, it doesn't have to have any impact on gameplay, a cactus would be enough that I can water sometimes, and see growing and age.

Now in the reddit ama you answered my merch question so here are some things that might be fun as merch.

HRV plushie

HRV t-shirt (Maybe the tentacle Kind HRV decal?)

Chimera tube lava lamp (A bit crazier of an idea but the theme would work)


A death marker as a plate?

Well I will get back to you with more feedback probably someday. Until then!