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Naturally everyone is "change this fix this" right now, but I wanted to toss out a thought of something I would like to see.

1) A stealth guard. Right now if there's a guard in the area it's making noise, letting you know it's near by, and when they spot the raider they make a "hey look a raider" sound before starting their attack (unless they have bloodlust). The stealth guard would do neither. It is silent when not aggro'd. When it spots the raider there's the normal delay like a regular guard, but it makes no sound and it approaches the raider silently. Once in melee range it operates like a trap, making an attack sound with a visual notification.

2) A dodging guard. This one's moves unpredictably, it bunny hops in different directions or maybe it has a short grapple it zips to a wall and then jumps, etc. It would hold still when it attacks (be that ranged or melee), but until then it's challenging to shoot.

Bonus points if either one can be placed on a wall or ceiling, and they would drop when aggro'd.


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    Trap Guard (unique trap or mod on existing traps): A guard hiding inside of a trap. When you trigger or destroy the trap, this spiked creature shoots out until it reaches an obstacle. When destroying the trap before it triggers, the creatures stumbles out and then begins looking for the raider to attack. But when it is triggered as normal, it fires out like a cannon. When it hits something (preferably the raider), it then extends legs and begins crawling around looking for the raider who dodged it to charge at. It is instant kill if its spikes touch you. So avoid it at all costs. It requires a direct shot to the head, you can also stab it in the back if you are fast enough when it first fires or if you dodge its charge. Think tiny balled up Rhinoceros with two creepy legs

    Mod customization: The Trap Guard mod can be added to various types of traps, allowing players to choose which traps to enhance with this deadly surprise. They may expect it to be just standard impaler or boltshot, but perhaps this thing explodes out of it instead when it is triggered instead of its usual expected response or after destroying the trap it before it triggers, this thing crawls out of the debris (like the creature from the Ring) and then it tries to charge the raider.

    If its its own unique trap, possible mods could be:

    1. Disorienting Gas Mod:
      1. This mod equips the Trap Guard with a canister of disorienting gas that follows its charge path. When triggered, the Trap Guard releases a cloud of gas that disorients nearby raiders attempting to dodge its charge, impairing their vision and movement for a short duration. The disorienting gas creates an opportunity for the Trap Guard recompose itself and strike again while raiders are temporarily vulnerable, adding a layer of crowd control to the trap's effectiveness.
    2. Camoflauge Mod
      1. The Camouflage mod enhances the Trap Guard's stealth capabilities. The Trap Guard seamlessly matches the colors and textures of the environment, it just looks translucent when it moves and makes it difficult for raiders to spot (though not impossible). Perhaps when it charges and hits an obstacle (like a wall) for a brief moment, its stealth field vanishes. This mod increases the Trap Guard's stealth capabilities, requiring raiders to exercise extra caution and observation to avoid its charge and attempting to kill it.
    3. Lethal Pounce Mod:
      1. With the Lethal Pounce mod, the Trap Guard gains enhanced mobility and agility. When triggered, it pounces at a raider instead of charging. This mod allows the Trap Guard to surprise raiders who may think they are out of its range. The increased pouncing ability makes the Trap Guard a more immediate and deadly threat, as it will attempt to jump at raiders even if they are high above putting pressure on raiders to react swiftly and make precise evasive maneuvers.
    4. Self-destruct Mod:
      1. Standard self-destruct mod after the guard dies.

    What do you think?

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    Flamer: A guard with short stature, similar size to Enforcers, but when Plated is almost fully covered, similar to Cannonbacks. Instead of firing a bomb, sets a single jet of fire that reaches as far as an Incinerator. Flame stream has slight tracking capabilities but is very slow, like Hornets homing shots.

    Along with this, the fireproof augment that Warmongers recently got would be rolled out to all guard types to protect against this.

    Pulser: A flying guard with limited speed, that uses levitation/gravity rings, and almost resembles an uncaged Plasma Sentinel. When aggro'd, tracks to the location of the Custodian and when within range sets off electrical pulses in 2 second bursts, with a radius of about 2 blocks. Getting hit with two pulses back to back results in death. This essentially sets up mobile area denial similar to Plasma Cloud.

    Kamikaze: When aggro'd grappels onto the Custodian and flies towards them at a great speed. Triggers self destruct automatically when in blast range. (actual Self Destruct augment disables the auto-self destruct and doesn't trigger self-destruct until the custodian kills it instead)