HRV Mods

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Issue: I have seen a lot of people on various forums talking about the limitation having to have a direct path for HRV is causing with outpost design. Having to have this path means outposts that want to focus on things like platforming cannot be built.

Potential solution: When a player is in build mode allow them to spend resources at the HRV spawner to add mods to HRV. These could be something like the following ideas:

Spring loaded: Allows HRV to jump a 1 cube horizontal gap (increases to 2 and 3 cube gaps at higher levels)

Spider climb: Allows HRV to climb a single cube vertically (increases to 2 and 3 cubes at higher levels)

Gravity suppression: Allows HRV to drop a single cube vertically (increases to 2 and 3 cubes at higher levels)

HRV could have 2 slots like guards and traps allowing for ongoing expansion via new mods that add additional traversal options. Or even things like pathing to vaults before genmat if they are connected by a valid path.

Conclusion: This solution allows pathing to still be verified, allows players more creativity and gives a further resource dump for players who want to improve their base but have already unlocked all traps and guards. A small visual change to HRV when selecting the mod would also allow raiders to identify possible paths.