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First of all i realized its not noted in patch notes about this change

I realized after final release that the most selling point for me was the ability to move fast through this and react to traps that are before me. I couldn't do this most of the time but when i could it really felt satisfying please bring back old movement speed to raiders! The default moving speed without grapple hook is what i am talking about.

Now movement speed is so slow you can barely move compared to the old... It nerfs pure melee builds quite a bit...

Can you bring old movement speed from beta, please?


  • CotePathos
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    I haven't noticed a loss in speed, if anything it seems easier to melee flamethrowers by grappling at them now.

    If you have parts to spare, I recommend getting the speed boost consumable, It stacks with the suit speed bonus and let's you go very fast.

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    If you're using a melee build definitely equip the melee suit and unlock the speed boost biolink. Getting an additional 30% speed boost for 4 seconds after destroying a trap/guard makes a huge difference.

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  • Ggjustice
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    I am 100% sure because i watched some of my beta videos... It definitely feels faster normal walking speed compared to current one...

    My suite is fully maxed dw about that...