Too Scared to build too many traps

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Is it just me or am I too scared to build too many traps? Because I dont wanna build an outpost people will just leave from and not get me any loot. I have spent alot of time on this new outpost im making and I still have over 1000 Capacity to use after being 70% done. Also, I dont have many traps in my base and I am already at Brutal Difficulty...


  • Ggjustice
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    Make it progressively harder so you will always get something.

    You can also just do whatever you want if you just started and make one base as hard as possible and one not so hard and see what you like more based on stats you get on them...

    Just have fun Hard or Easy base i have never had a base where i didn't have enough prestige... So i wouldn't worry about it too much

  • Tsulan
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    Don´t worry. An outpost with 1000 capacity won´t scare people away. So just fill it up.

  • Pumpkinbros
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    Add as many traps as youd like, yknow what you shouldnt do tho? Make those obnoxious traps where when you shoot your bolt it goes into a pit of lava where you cant get it

  • konchok
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    I say don't go all out on these kinds of traps. But if it just eats a single bolt, then I think that's fine. You don't want to actually starve them of resources but removing 1 makes the map just a bit harder. And the strategy has a counter, just use the crossbow that has more charges.