Traps detecting player through Corrosive Cube with Second Wave activated

RicSimane Member Posts: 42

I understand that traps should not detect player standing behind a Corrosive Cube. But there is a way to bypass this by placing the Second Wave upgrade on the corrosive cube. Somehow this allows traps to detect player though the cube. As you can imagine this is kinda unfair, especially when combined with Opaque upgrade which allows to hide unreachable traps that player can't see before they shoot.

Please check the attached video and see yourself


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  • CarbonBeaker
    CarbonBeaker Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    Personally don't have an issue with this, as I think it adds a lot of depth to both the build making and raiding sides. It adds a lot of options for builders to make bases more deceptive, while still allowing raiders to react due to the warnings that you get when traps go off (both audio and visual - being the red directional symbol). IF it does get fixed, I would want behavior to add the possibility of traps activating through holo to be added, as otherwise I'd feel like it limits creativity.

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    I've raided a base today where builder was totally aware of the bug and used it with opaque acid cubes. Wasn't too hard but was gross indeed. Such inconsistency should be fixed.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    As far as I'm aware. Players using corrosive blocks for cover whilst raiding a base on wave one is a bug thats being exploited. Traps should fire through on wave 1 or 2. Claws, bolt shots on hunter, enforcer shots etc including your own ammo all can be shot through these cubes as standard if triggered. Why traps are not triggered 100% of the time is the real question

  • RicSimane
    RicSimane Member Posts: 42

    Well the devs have recently confirmed on twitter that this is indeed a bug and will be fixed soon.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    As far as I'm aware they have acknowledged an issue with trap detection through corrosive cubes. And working on it. I hope they make the right call on this one and implement as it was ment to be