Coop mode is to powerfull and induce some exploits in this state. Need to be fixed.

Krovanh Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1


I have two major complaint against the coop mode in this state, the first is that coop players have illimited resurrection. This thing make the game way too easy and this is not entairtaining for the outpost creators and also for the coop players. One more by player should be enough.

The fact is that if you can complete an outpost in singleplayer then you can make it in coop with no bonus life, so one more is already a huge advantage. Specially because coop players have already more firepower and situtional awarness.

Second, you need to fix this exploit: a lot of times i see coop players sending only one to the core and desactivate every trap when dying (on purpose) and then the other one who waited outside go to resurect his buddy and simply kill all traps reaveled by the core by reversing the outpost and comming in the back of the traps.

To prevent it, both players should have to reach the core at the same time to take activate it. This is common sense.

Thank you.


  • FyfeEfsyn
    FyfeEfsyn Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Having a number of revives varying per difficulty would switch things up for sure.