Tribute Level 7

Scribix Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

So I'm "stuck" at level 7 and have the circular arrows icon.

Did I miss something or is 7 it?

Having fun with the game, just confused at times. Sorry for the noobness.



  • nightylion
    nightylion Member Posts: 19

    I think this thing resets every week. I'ts not a progression that unlocks anything, it just gives you cells for obtaining GenMat(exp for advisors).

  • PureHostility
    PureHostility Member Posts: 708

    The circular arrows, as you called them, is just the generic symbol that indicates "repeatable" action.

    It just means, once you react a full bar to progress further, it will reset itself back to where it was and repeat.

    Tribute resets every week or so.

    I wish it would be longer or provide additional rewards and reset itself to a lower value again, to make it more "spicy".