The Devious New Trap Ideas Thread

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So, after having fun building and raiding since launch day, I've already had some ideas for new traps sometime in the future for creative fun and mayhem in our bases. Everyone please add your ideas below!

My ideas are:

Launchpad - the inverse of the claw trap, be it a springloaded wall/floor or a high-tech repulsion pad - non-lethal but will fire intruders away at speed. Bonus points for an upgrade mod to conceal it.

Slippery surface - indestructible face that makes intruders slide (may also make grappling harder, but not impossible) - be it ice, grease or similar.

Conveyor belt - indestructible face that will carry intruders and their grapple-points along in a direction of travel (useful to interfere with slow-raiders and speedrunners depending on which way). This could also be used creatively as a lift if placed on walls or ceilings as an intruder could grapple to it and be carried along (of course the builder could plan for this...). Bonus points for upgrade mods such as 'faster speed' and 'reverses direction in wave 2'.

Invisible wall - the inverse of the holocube - looks passable but it's solid.

A placeable bedrock block. Nothing special, but raiders don't know it isn't a holocube, so a perfectly placed bedrock block makes for an excellent distraction from an actual trap if a raider is feeling particularly paranoid.

Triggers - either remote triggers such as pressure plates/trip-lasers, and/or timers.

Mobile traps - something that will race up/down a corridor, causing a damage and blockage hazard.

Chain lightning trap - after a short charge-up, fires a very fast-moving bolt that if it hits a player can chain to another player close by (and with line of sight/travel from the first player). This could be handy vs co-op raiders. Bonus points for an upgrade that lets the bolt bounce once or twice before dissipating.

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  • wydyadoit
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    play fall guys for a day... lots of missed opportunities.

  • chezpizza
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    I think there was a thread that had these ideas in there. I like most except the invisible block, feels like that would cause a lot of grief.

  • Havoc5015
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    Rotating laser: Similar to the plasma sentinel, it rotates 360 degrees and fires a laser out that's deadly to 10 blocks.

    Static laser: A static laser that fires a pulsing laser on and off every few seconds in a straight line

    Turrets: halfway between traps and minions, these fixtures are visible but indestructible until the player is close, then it opens up and fires, at which point it becomes destructible. Variants: sniper turret (shows a laser for 5 seconds before it fires a nearly hitscan bullet (super fast bullet velocity). Rocket turret: projectile can be shot to explode in the air, damaging anything it hits nearby. Gun turret (fires a single projectile once every 10 seconds while it has a target)

    Gravity Well: Continuously pulls a target towards it from any angle. Could be low-strength but indestructible, or high-strength and destructible

    Gravity change: Change the surface upon which you're standing when you enter its zone (indestructible)

    Portal: teleports the player to another location with a 10-second cool down before the player can return.

    Rolling Boulder: A slow-moving projectile that moves in a straight line until it hits a solid object. Fires once every 10s or so.

    I second the triggers. I think this game needs some sort of logic system. remote triggers (switches), timed triggers, proximity triggers (pressure plates), logic gates (and/or/xor), conditionals. When I play this game, I feel like an architect. Logic gates would take it a step further and make me feel like an engineer. would take the game from a 7 to a 9 in my opinion.

    One thing I've noticed by watching a lot of replays, I see a lot of people speed run levels very effectively, being missed by a lot of traps just because they're always moving quickly. I've started implementing anti-rush tactics into my base designs, but it would be nice if there was an instant-kill trap. Something you would see if you were going slow, but if someone's going fast, they'll certainly die to it (spike traps can just be zip lined past if you're fast enough). I think a spike trap mod that instantly shoots out the spikes would do just fine.

  • GreedMcTavish
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    I personally want triggers or some way to chain traps off things like the tombs. E.g. if something is activated or destroyed> then spawn this trap or activate it.

    Your spring board idea could also be a giant fan. Takes a second to spin up but becomes more powerful and pushes the player.

    I would also like another mod that causes an impassable block to spawn/move into place AFTER gen mat. This way we would make one way in, different way out (still requiring Harvey to make it through). This could be an inverse for the holocube and would make it more like a labyrinth.

  • Osac
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    Most of these are great, I'd love to see them added. But any kind of concealment and undetectable trap doesnt really work imo.

    A concealed launchpad seems a bit over-powered, you could just have it under a holocube full of instant death, it would kill you faster than any other trap and you wouldnt know it was there. (an unconcealed launchpad could be cool though)

    Invisible wall would be extremely annoying just imagine a maze made out of these, or just having them placed randomly in an open room would get you unfairly killed.

    The only reason a holocube works is because it always looks like bedrock so you can learn to anticipate it, and you can counter/reveal it without neccecarily dying to it.

  • Saronin_Jayhart
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    I like most of the ideas but I have a few things to add.

    The Launchpad should only be concealed until the player triggers it and should take about as long as a spike trap to activate.

    Make the slippery surface an oil slick destroyable by the flamethrower trap, when it's hit by a flamethrower it and all adjacent slippery surfaces catch fire like a single use napalm. It'll discourage the use of flamethrowers in areas that people want to make anti-grapple, and also make for some interesting trap combinations.

    I love the idea of placing bedrock but if it was doable, most bases would be nearly entirely bedrock, it should cost at least 2 to 5 times as much as a normal block to discourage people from making their entire base from it.

    Instead of mobile traps I think a trap that fires at constant rate without needing to be triggered would be more feasible. It would also be a good way to slow down speedrunners unless they have enough skill.

    For balancing the chain lightning has to also destroy traps in the area, possibly make it bounce between the three nearest targets after it's been triggered regardless of whether they are traps guards or the player.

    As for Havoc's Ideas, I'm quite fond of them too, but since traps can't be rotated the rotating laser might be hard to implement.

    Turrets like that are too spammable. Plasma cubes which are similar already get abused like this. Pardon the pun, but they'd wreak havoc with the game's already teetering balance.

    Though I do like the idea, gravity change and teleporters are probably too hard to implement. I doubt the devs will even consider it.

  • Seraphor
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    Dropblock: Takes up at least two vertical blocks. Presents as a bedrock block with an empty space below it, when activated by proximity, it creaks and then falls, killing the raider below it. 4 cube detection range below, but can fall any height. Once completely fallen it can be destroyed, so it takes at least a second or so to remove, which means it can be used as slow down or to trap raiders in the path of another trap if they're not quick enough.

    Mods: Second Wave, Eagle Eye (+1 block detection), Explosive (after falling it flashes and explodes), and 25% faster drop speed.

  • Oh_Bob_Saget_86
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    Indestructible Mod for "Some" traps:

    Ok, hear me out. The trap can be made so it cannot be destroyed, but rather, needs to be navigated around. However, there could be a spacing/proximity limitation when placing so the entire length of floor/walls/ceiling cannot be a constant trap.

    I think we can admit that the "Death Piston" is rather useless, but has great potential to be used as a puzzle/agility/strategy trap device.

  • eyedeeoneohtee
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    Explosive Barrel: Explodes with a large radius when damaged


    Shrapnel: Increased explosion radius

    Toxic Waste: Explosion leaves a damaging cloud for several seconds

    Nitroglycerine: Explodes immediately when touched by a raider or guard

    Second Wave: Second Wave

    Holocube mod: Chain Reaction

    Holocube does not trigger when a raider approaches, but does trigger when an adjacent holocube triggers. If combined with Eagle Eye, holocube triggers when any other holocube in the outpost triggers.

  • MadMoeZel
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    indestructable pistons should not be a thing. they permit fire to pass and a hallway of randomized pistons with that mod with fire at the end would be more or less impossible to consistently clear.

  • RavenMyste
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    How about a invisible block trap, its basically a block that turn completely invisible think as and may not be there after grab genmet, but here the trap it will crumble as walk on it and drop you in to what ever you set down below it. Mods :sealed if the trap is triggered trap instantly returns to its original state before you triggered it thus sealing you in what ever the builder uses in combination with invisible block.

    Note the invisiblock cant kill by its self , harvey can walk on it with no problem