Almost no one heard about Meet Your Maker and it makes me sad

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I love this game. Since Might Quest for Epic Loot was shut down in 2016 I've been craving for this style of asymmetrical raider/builder game. I've been telling all my friends about this new awesome game from the creators of Dead by Daylight trying to convince them to play it...

...and I'm shocked to hear almost no one knows what Meet Your Maker is. Like almost all my friends are massive gamers. It's strange because they all heard about DbD. There are also barely any YouTube videos on MyM, maybe 5 twitch streams at a time, almost no reviews anywhere.

I know you are not a AAA company and You don't have endless marketing budget, but it just worries me that so few people even heard about this game. Do You plan on doing some more promotional events, sponsor streams or other marketing?

Might Quest was shut down just 1,5 year after release. I really hope MyM will last way longer than that and will retain a stable playerbase.


  • Marc_123
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    I am not sure about the lasting appeal at the moment.

    The game does not explain its not core mechanics (raid and build) very well.

    What do all these upgrades do? Is there a story to go on with the chimera?

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    Deathgarden wants to know your location.