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If I get one single visit?

My outpost, prestige 3 got raided 8 times in total (and did 17 kills). (edit: that's for the 3 prestiges)

From that I got 4 Fun, 2 Brutal, 4 Ingenious and 1 Artistic

I feels stupid to pay for 12 hours if nothing happens during that time. Talk about a waste of both time and resources.

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  • Seraphor
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    I don't think I even get 8 visits per run yet. Either the builders are grossly outweighing the raiders or there's some kind of bs youtube algorithm that prevents your outpost getting to the top page.

  • drsoontm
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    That's 8 visits in 36 hours, not 12.

    Whatever the reason, time shouldn't count, or there should be a minimum number of visits.

  • Marc_123
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    I don´t understand the whole system very well.

  • TragicSolitude
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    Whatever the reason, time shouldn't count, or there should be a minimum number of visits.

    ^ This.

    Time of day when an Outpost is activated can have a huge effect on the number of Raiders it gets. Activate the Outpost on the wrong day and it could really suffer. But the only way to Prestige an Outpost so it can stick around longer and get more Raiders requires Prestige points which are earned by getting Raiders.

    The only motivation to raid Outposts if you're a builder is to earn Synthite. Raiding should do more to benefit your own Outposts; the more you raid (actual raids, like dying at least five times or escaping with the GenMat and leaving at least one Accolade), the higher the minimum number of Raiders your Outpost should be guaranteed to get (again, real Raiders, we don't want players trying to cheat the system by starting and leaving).

    It sucks that my friend built a really cool Outpost for me; I think it's fun without being brutal (even though it's rated Brutal) with attention paid to all three of the Forsaken Tombs, but it's getting no Raiders. I've been raiding a lot of Outposts, but it's doesn't do anything to help our Outposts. Three activated Outposts, each a different difficulty level, and two are doing terrible and one's doing okay at best.

    I'm glad I got this game on PlayStation Plus because I don't think a system like this has longevity: it's extremely discouraging to put effort into Outposts and get nothing for it. The excitement's gone and now I'm just feeling disappointed.

  • drsoontm
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    Case in point. I don't feel like playing anymore. I've closed the game a few minutes ago.

    I'm bored of raiding.

    I have no interest investing into building.

    Twelve hours and that's it. I don't think I'll play again until there is some change.

  • PureHostility
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    Well, there is this flawed mechanic of timer being linked to the resources an outpost has...

    An outpost with 9000 resources will last 24 hours before prestige (less if you prematurely prestige), 4500 resources lasts 12 hours. My biggest outpost has ... whooping 3000 resources (beta one), it is on prestige 10 now (Brutal), 7 hours left.

    Once your outpost reaches prestige 5, it receives MASSIVE boost to popularity, as it becomes a challenger outpost. It gets like 5 visits minimum each hour (sometimes more sometimes less, depending on the time of the day).

    My other outposts on varying difficulties are pre-5 prestige, they get barely any action.

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    I am kinda glad I am not the only one. People telling how their base has thousands of kills and here its mine prestige 3 now and has 40 kills out of only 3 raids?

    How am I even paying for this if theres nothing happening. And why doesnt game recommending my base to other players? Because clearly noone has even seen it.

  • wydyadoit
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    The point of prestige is to keep the map you already paid for if you like the bedrock, vaults, and genmat locations. It’s also usually cheaper than buying a whole new map.


    also -

    the point of bases is passive xp. They’re not meant to give you income. Income is earned by raiding and opening vaults or leveling the chimera.

  • wydyadoit
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    Builders grossly outweigh raiders. Should be obvious from the math.

    1 raider can have 5 active bases.

    so a 1:5 ratio.

    assuming a player hates raiding because “too hard” or “unfun” then that player effectively makes their portion of the ratio 0:5.


    factor in the pre-built maps made by devs to kickstart the actual game’s multiplayer (because you have to raid to build a base so who does the first player raid? Or what happens if all bases end up decaying at the same time) and you end up with even less raiders to bases.

  • hastarkis
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    If player hates raiding then the player doesn't build because doesn't have enough resources for that. Building isn't cheap and you need more than 5 raids per day to maintain your five bases 🤷‍♀️

  • hastarkis
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    Yes. So your "math" is kinda incorrect. In dbd killer/survivor ratio should be 1:4 and it's not a "grossly outweigh" situation because you need one killer and four survivors to create one game.

    Same here. If we assume that all players have five active outposts then all of them raid more than five outposts every day (on average). If they don't then they can't have 5 active outposts. If all players have 5 outposts and raid at least 5 outposts there's no outweight because mathematically all outposts get raids at this point 🤷‍♂️

    And in real game, 1, you need more than one raid per base every day to have enough synth, and 2, there are "free" raids from raid-only players (and you can't be build-only player). So all players who can afford 5 outposts make at least 10-15 raids per day. And plus raid-only players, it effectively can be 5:1 ratio raids/bases and more, not 1:5.

    All those raids could land on one base and make another one with zero but that's different problem.

  • georhan369
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    This! This is the main issue I've found with this game, what's the point if everything you spend hours to build is useless in just a few days?! You can prestige 10 times then goodbye hard work. This game needs a major overhaul in the prestige department, otherwise the only maps we'll see will be exactly the same kill room which is already happening.

  • LancerEcho
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    The number of raids on my base has never been lower than the past couple of days, including beta. It's a little concerning as I can only see that situation worsening. It takes a disproportionate amount of time to build a (good) base, but if no-ones raiding them there's little point in making something interesting, nice looking, or fun. Fixing it by increasing the synth needed to keep bases online is not a good option as gathering resources is already time-consuming for how little time a map stays online.

    Annoyingly, co-op makes this problem even worse. Two people raiding together raid less bases than two people raiding separately.

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    It could be the fact that in some places for people in school or universities it is finals month