Let us upgrade harvey

Havoc5015 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 7

Harvey is a fun guy to have around. the life of the party. However, he's pretty one-note. For those of you who don't know, harvey's the guy who drags genmat from the node back to the shipping spot. It'd be cool to be able to put mods on harvey, allowing him to do some wonky things so we can path differently or fool raiders.

Please feel free to post your own ideas in the comments.

Possible upgrades:

1) short range teleporting. Allows harvey to skip up to one block. Add a sound cue so the raider knows when it's happened.

2) Intermittent invisibility. Makes harvey go invisible for 10 seconds at a time with a 10 second cooldown.

3) Spider Climbing: Allow harvey to climb up and down walls, requiring the player to grapple to keep up.

4) Flight: Allow harvey to fly for short periods of time, requiring at least a 1 block landing platform every 20 blocks or so.

5) fast movement: Double harvey's speed. nyoom

6) Explode on death: Cause harvey to explode if the player kills him.

7) Out of the way: Harvey becomes immortal and pushes the player out of the way if he collides with the player.

8) trap immune: Traps won't trigger if harvey is in the way (or they won't kill him). - may set up for fun raids where the player must keep up with harvey. If they fall behind harvey, the traps will start triggering.

9) custom pathing/waypoints. Allow the player to set 2-3 waypoints that harvey must touch before he paths to the end. Could serve to lead the player into terrible traps or contribute to them getting lost in a maze.


  • mojohellcat
    mojohellcat Member Posts: 12

    I'd love to see an upgrade that let's us change his appearance to one of the guards to trick a player into killing him. That'd make it really interesting for maze builds

  • nightylion
    nightylion Member Posts: 19

    I already imagine using flight mod to make ppl "fly" through the maze of lava blocks for 20 blocks straight.