Raid Summary Keybinding Rework (console)

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So I'll preface this with the fact that I play this game both on console and on PC. Overall I think they are both great, but console struggles in a few areas. I really only want to talk about one though, because for me, it takes out an important aspect of the game.

Upon completing a raid, before you view the summary/results of your efforts, you are asked to give accolades based on the builders outpost and playability. Works excellent on PC. I get plenty of accolades on PC, which makes it feel worthwhile to put the time and effort into constructing complex and creative outposts for people to have fun. This is where console is failing, HARD imho. For basically every game I've ever played on console, the accept/select choice button is the same. For most of this game that is the case, EXCEPT when you are trying to give a player accolades. The button we are talking about here is cross/A (ps4/xbox) right? Almost universally, this is the "okay" button. When attempting to give a player accolades on console, you have to instead press square/X (ps4/xbox). WHY!?! I go to give a player an accolade, and I press cross/A, out of years of habit, and what does that do? That fully skips the screen and brings you into the raid results. I know this is the case and yet every single time, my automatic reaction is to press cross/A to select the accolade I want to give the person.

Seems silly and insignificant I'm sure, to some of you. However I can tell you that this 100% has an impact on the amount of accolades you receive on console. Not only from the fact that I accidentally skip that process 90%+ of the time, but it also shows in the comparison between accolades that I receive for similar quality builds between console and pc.

TL;DR Please for the love of God, change the keybinding to select an accolade to cross/A, and continue to the next screen to square/X. It makes sense, it will help the players, it will make the game overall more comparable to the PC version when playing on console. As of right now I hardly play on console for specifically this reason. My time and effort is not rewarded the same when I play on console because your keybindings are gauche and clunky on this screen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully other players will agree and benefit from this potential change.