People not leaving tombstones or resources when they die

skull_king421 Member Posts: 1

A co-op raid on my base named huxley, (which is NOT a kill box) resulted in the raiders dying a total of 72 times but when hovering over the Raid's replay the death counter says 0 for both player, and in another co-op run resulted in the players dying 14 times but the same thing happened.

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  • Cyba_Zero
    Cyba_Zero Member Posts: 18

    Did they ever complete the base, or did they abandon it? I had the same thing happen in my base at Knightstown despite previous raiders being counted/leaving tombstones fine - this raider left after 4 deaths without reaching GenMat however, which is my first abandon.

  • LuferciaVim
    LuferciaVim Member Posts: 1

    I encountered the same issue today with not receiving credit for any kills for a raiding attempt, and it completely breaks the kill ratio mechanism for base difficulty.

    The replays show 0 deaths with no completion, but with the correct duration. Apon watching the replay the raider always has died at least once and gives up. My assumption is, there is a mechanism that is attempt to scrub "Null" runs (no deaths, no gen mat collected) that is only partially successful.

    It seems like a "Null" run was detected, so my base was not notified (or rewarded) with any kills. But the replay mechanism see it as a "Valid" run for some reason (the UI gets a 0 death count and false for completion, so the data seem like its there shouldn't be a replay at all).

    Further assumption is the data in the replay UI is used for update the base stats, instead of both systems indepentant querying the same data. I have never had my base update when there is not a replay to match, but I have replays videos that do not match what the base should have been updated to.

    Hope his helps and can be retroactive fixed to recalculate kill ratios and provide the lost rewards for the base builder.