Duos and Genmat activation.

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To keep it short, I think both players should stand on the Genmat platform at the same time to activate the second stage; dispense the genmat.

Right now, one can grab it while other stays far enough, to see if anything cheeky comes up, meanwhile a solo player usually would need* one or two more tries (wipes) to figure stuff out (or just use the shield weapon or tool).

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  • Seraphor
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    Not an unreasonable suggestion. Even if this was the case it would still be easier for duos in general.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Duos in general are the bane of Makers, any mistake you make and undone by a revive, so you can basically just keep pushing through while someone eats up all the traps. There is no inherent penalty to dying.

    This is not even considering the increased amount of resources they have (6 Blast Grenades VS 3 Blast Grenades; 4-6 Volt Lance Bolts VS 2-3 Volt Lance Bolts).

    A Solo can die 27 times trying to raid my Genmat, but a Duo can just abuse respawn and the extra resources to reach my Genmat in 9 deaths. I kind of think it is unfair for Solos in general.