Duo gives an unfair advantage

HiTmAn47 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Playing in Duo gives so much unfair advantage over solo players, as they have unlimited revive so they basically raid any base with almost zero risk , most of my bases are only broken when duo raid it , they should either remove the revive option for duo all together, or add some kind of extra difficulty if you raid as duo, for example traps trigger faster , or traps get extra mod if duo raid

But in the current state , with no downside for raiding as duo and infinite revive, at one point you are either forced to raid duo or quit the game


  • Seraphor
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    While they might guarantee they get the genmat, they also likely feed you many more deaths.

    Looking at the replay results, single raiders play cautiously and give me maybe 2-5 deaths.

    Duo's on the other hand tend to give me nearly double, 2-5 deaths each.

  • TigBatFiddies
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    I don't really see this being an "advantage". While it might reduce the players' overall time investment on your outpost for not having to restart every time, you're still earning mats and prestige points off of them being there and dying, in fact, likely more than the solo player who is taking their sweet time. Punishing people for playing with friends sounds like a great way to kill the fun of coop in a game.

    Also, if by "broken" you mean completed, I really suggest considering some design changes. Playing an impossible outpost that takes 30 minutes to finally complete really isn't that fun. Balance difficulty with good level design and diverse trap setups rather than make someone feel like they're training for the Olympics to make it through 1 room.