Improvements and additions to building.

Zeroxis Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Hey! Love the game but there are a few things I was thinking about (some of them are probably already in the works in future dlc by you)


Adding an other color to a block for example prevent the builder from adding blood or other markings/sprays etc, it would be nice to be able to add more ''stuff'' to the same blockside.

Doors: Be able to close and open doors and having doors that close shut when people entering the rooms maybe by steeping on a activation surface and then having a lever somewhere in the room to open the doors again or maybe add some kind of puzzle that the player need to solve to get out?

Smoke: For a more immersive experience, maybe to cover up traps and so on with smoke! Ofc there should be limitation but one thing I was thinking about to go around this would be to add some kind of googles to the player so that they can see traps through smoke but it takes up a item slot (granades, shield and so on).

Trapdoor: A door that you can fall through and not get out from. To be able to add a trapdoor in your Outpost you have to make a path out of the trap that brings back the player to the main path again.

Passive spiketrap: A spiketrap that allways have its spike out that you cannot destroy and you allways instant die when you land on them. An upgrade for them could be that they can expand when players gets closer to them (Can also be a addon for the spiketrap that allready exist)

Pipes: I love the simplicity with the block system but it would be really cool if you could add pipes that the players can walk inside, maybe add some fluids running through them that makes the players get dragged back a little so that they have to keep moving all the time.

Conveyor belt: Like the fluid it would be really nice to be able to add Conveyor belts to your blocks that push/drag the player in a specific diraction.

Waterblocks: If you have an empty space you could fill it with water, maybe add a pipe under the water that opens up a secret passage just an idea!

I get so much Quake feelings about this game so alot of the ideas comes from those games! And while we talk about Quake! Wouldn't it be awesome if we could make arenas where players 1v1/2v2 could meet each other in a death match? You lose rank, materials and so on if you die but you gain is and unlock specific pvp skins and climb in a season ladder when you win.

If you like any of these improvements, thumb this post up so that more people get to see it and maybe even the developers =) Cheers!