Danger level, hidden numbers

_Demidrol Member Posts: 32

As I understand it, each trap and guard has a hidden danger number to change the base level to normal, dangerous and brutal.

But does prestige change this hidden bar?

Why does this scale change itself, although I didn’t change anything, but just collected a drop from the dead?

And is it possible in the future to show this hidden scale in numbers and how much each trap / guardian adds?


  • wydyadoit
    wydyadoit Member Posts: 1,113

    i want to know the danger values.

    that way i can take a high capacity map and put the highest amount of traps into it without going over "normal" that way I can build s fancy dungeon.

  • vanguardkras
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    edited April 10

    I agree. This information is incredibly necessary so everyone can build a base for a certain level. Otherwise we'll end up having only the brutal ones and normal ones are going to be boring and unfinished only.