Is There Any Good Use For The Falconic Plasmabow?

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INB4 someone says, "use it when a Maker spams Guards in a room," I am aware of that, there is just one slight issue; the Plasmabow uses Striking Damage.

Most Makers that spam Guards in a single room normally put some sort of Armor on them since it requires two body shots (suggesting you actually hit the armor) or one headshot, and you can force people into melee combat by wasting their bolts (and even completely denying them via Corrosive Cubes to catch Guard bodies/bolts).

I get that the drawback for the increased ammo capacity is that, "it cannot destroy traps," but even the thing it excels at, which is killing Guards, it does a poor job of because it cannot destroy/strip armor off of Guards; so you either just need to get lucky and hit an unarmored point on the body, or hit a headshot... Because it is Striking damage, it is only good at hitting flesh... that is it.

This is not even considering that Guard spam is completely countered by well placed Blast Grenades which does a significantly better job at clearing groups AND disarms any traps in the explosion's radius.

Am I the only one who just feels that the Falconic Plasmabow is useless? Anything it does, in my opinion, is just done significantly better by everything else.


  • konchok
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    1. You can simply aim for the parts of the body that do not have armor
    2. It can be paired with the heavy sword or with the other gun for those situations where you need to break the armor

    A strategy that I use, especially with melee guards is to use the regular gun for removing the armor and the falcon crossbow to kill them. Which is much faster than using the regular gun twice. I also use the crossbow in any situation where there's a nearby magma cube. Because I can afford to lose that ammo.

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    at level 3 you get 15 shots = 700 capacity minimum guard removal potential if you get headshots. without recovering ammo. without taking into account mods (guards can have up to 2).

    if you dont get headshots then technically your output could be a wasted weapon slot, but that's true for all weapon slots. you can also aim at unarmored spots on enemies. for example the backs of warmongers.

    it's a strategic tradeoff.

    volt lancer at max ammo has 3 shots.

    meaning if you shoot your arrows into acid baths or just lose them at the start to outside defenders (hint hint) you're effectively forced to deal with everything by either dodging or meleeing. and there's a pretty simple counter to dodgers and melee builds.