Ps5 replay controls

alexfriesz Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 2

Would love to have more controls in the replay so I can scroll through some of the replays faster, so I can skip through players running through empty areas or just sitting not doing anything. Also a way to rewind to see a moment again would be nice.


  • TigBatFiddies
    TigBatFiddies Member Posts: 11

    100% this. Console is struggling to keep me entertained the same as PC. Aside from loading screens being significantly longer on console, we also have to deal with some funky key bindings on certain screens, and even the lack thereof in the realm of replays. Watching replays feels like a chore because at best you can watch it in 2x speed. PC you can skip in 30s intervals, as well as jump to the next key moment such as a death or GenMat collection. Accolades struggle on console as well due to the fact that the button you naturally expect to select the accolade actually skips the accolade screen altogether. The only reason I have been playing console recently is I am unable to play co-op in a crossplay setting as you are able to do in some games. I hope this becomes a feature at some point, though I know it would take some serious effort from the developers.

    Please devs, make console better. You have a gem of a game here and the difference in playability between PC and console is just not right.

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,134

    My favourite part of replays on playstation is that freezing and crashing every 60 seconds