Issues with economy and capacity

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Hello! I've played this game since open beta, now at level 50+, and here are the problems I've noticed with the current economy and capacity systems

1) Players with lower level than your account give no resources when they die in your outpost.

I really like the idea that a higher rated/level player gives you more resources if your outpost manages to kill him, but there's an issue with that. As a lvl 50 player who loves building, I get no resources from people dying in my outposts. As a result, I have to go and grind raiding every single day to keep my outposts up. Something has to be done about that, for example lower level player always drop at least 5 synth/parts and higher level drop like 20. Right now it's more like lower level drop 1 and higher drop 10.

2) I have an insane amount of parts compared to synthethite. Synthethite is overused compared to parts

Because parts are only really consumed on disposable gadgets like grenades and such, and a couple upgrades here and there, right now I have like 20k parts and no synthethite (because I have to keep the outpost running). If you want to run an outpost, you need to: buy land (synthethite), unlock traps (synthethite), unlock guards (synthethite), prestige this outpost every day when it runs out (synthethite I would love if you could choose the currency to pay for outpost prestige. This would make it much more convenient to do what I like the most - build. The burial site shop could stay the way it is.

3) I don't care anymore about any of the supervisors lvl

Not sure if it's the right thing. I really stopped keeping track of any of the supervisors levels after my account reached lvl 20 or something. There's just no point in keeping up with it. Yes, the time on their boosts goes up, but after I have it at 1h already I don't care if it becomes 1h30m. There has to be something more to the boosts of the supervisors, to supervisor level. Right now I don't even look at it ever

4) Capacity costs are weird

This is a big section where I'll talk about capacity balance

Disclaimer: People who complain about killboxes complain about guards and Plasma Sentinels spam specifically. While dealing with guards is extremely simple with crossbow, Plasma Sentinels spam is indeed a problem. Whatever else people mean by killboxes are not killboxes because you can clearly see where all the traps look and carefully pick it apart, that's the fun of it. With these thoughts in mind, there's my thoughts

  • Plasma Sentinel is underpriced. It's essentially a guard, that can't move, can't be killed by crossbow, works as a block, and allowes you to essentially bypass the guard limit. It should cost 70. The augument to create a zone is annoying as hell and should cost more aswell.
  • Death piston is overpriced. It gives itself away, unlike impaler, it's auguments are overpriced for the same reason. It's a good tool to make sure your outpost doesn't get rushed, but guess what - shield protects against it so it doesn't matter. It would be fair to make it 40 and discount all the auguments by 5.
  • Boltshot is overpriced. Simply because you can bait it out and then it does nothing, so yes, it's effective against new raiders, but against an experienced player it does nothing without auguments. Another drawback of it is that it kills all the guards and traps in it's way I would make it 40 and live auguments as they are.
  • Bomb Ejector is overpriced. Reason being - if it works it kills everything around it, so you can't use it with other traps. You can bait it out to do such. On it's own it's decent but an experienced player can avoid it. I would make it 60 and discound some of the auguments
  • Armor on big melee guards should cost more, by 10 even. Without it they are underwhelming but with it they are too cheap. Almost every other augument could use a discount.

There's many weird auguments that don't really make sence on how to get value from them (example: Eruption on flamethrower. I have no clue how to utilize that upgrade in a meaningful way) that have their prices pretty high. That's a topic for another time. Thanks for reading! Love the game, can't wait for the next updates with more traps and auguments!


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    This might be an unpopular opinion, but the "Second Wave" augment should not cost anything.

    You are already sacrificing an argument slot just to have it activate when people are leaving, the extra capacity taken up really can hinder having one or two extra traps.

    I do think it could just be to prevent "killboxes" but those already get countered by rushing out of the Genmat room (because of Second Wave having a built in delay before activating traps) and/or using the Arc Barrier (shield) anyways.

    I also think the Falconic Plasmabow definitely needs a buff (and/or rework), since it really has nothing going for it. 95% of bases that spam Guards put Armor on them anyways, which makes the Plasmabow useless because it only does damage to Flesh (and not Armor). There is no reason to use it when Blast Grenades and Volt Lance do the same job but better.

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    flamethrower+piston chain+bomb+invisifloor+acid bath makes for a decent way to use explosive incinerators. make the fire go vertical. as a floor peice. when they explode from the bombs they explode again.