Forbidden Tombs

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The existence of forbidden tombs need to be told to newer players. The only time I ever saw them mentioned in game was in the alpha, and even then they weren't explained very well, so newer players have no idea what they are if they see them and ignore them, or don't even look for them at all, or build their bases making them inaccessible. Also, on that note, would love a way for builders to be able to find them easier


  • TigBatFiddies
    TigBatFiddies Member Posts: 11

    Excellent idea. Perhaps having a toggle option to highlight the tombs on your map when in build mode would make it easier to plan them into your outpost. I can't stand when the tomb gets hidden behind a wall, especially when you can tell it was accidental. If people do that intentionally, that's just no accolades for you. But the fact that these are getting blocked out by players who don't know what they are really sucks.