Why so many maps needed

Crazy_asian42 Member Posts: 1

I been playing from start been enjoying the game. The only thing I would maybe suggest is cut down on how many maps people can make, 200 is just to much. I wouldn't mind 10 max with larger build amounts with a bit cheaper of cost. All I see is people making kill boxes, with the limit to building, Or maybe have some Blank maps so we can pick where to get the Gen. I have bought 5 maps and only 1 wasn't way in the back way in the air. So when I get 2500 build map and UT takes 900 blocks to build just walls and stairs it's a waist for the builder. Even at 4500 build alot is waisted on the structure, then the traps cost alot with mods can be up to 100 a piece. So with the way it is all people are going to build is a straight box few turns loaded traps at the end.