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So after now reaching 81k elo and level 201 in meet your maker it is time for a bit more feedback.

First of some more feedback about the ranking system:

  1. I think elo gain and loss should be calculated by taking the elo difference into account. For example, I am now about 20k elo above the 2nd place and this gap will only keep widening if I wouldn't gain less and less elo and lose more and more elo per death. Like maybe I should only gain now 40 elo instead of 100 for that elo difference.
  2. A decay system, it could work similarly to the league of legends decay system where elo is lost rapidly if the player hasn't played the game in a week.
  3. We need a cooler name for the top-ranked players, master feels just to low of a level. I had the idea of maybe 2 conditions to enter the rank, the first one would be an elo amount in master, let's say for now somewhere around 50k elo, and the second would be being in the top 50 maybe top 100 of the ranked players. It would make that rank exclusive and more competitive to be in. We also could name it Immortal, or Emporer.
  4. We need some sort of ranked modus with matchmaking, based on a rank given to outposts individually. This could work if many bronze players struggle with an outpost it gets promoted to silver or something like that. Because otherwise it can't be ensured that someone that raided way harder outposts is still behind someone that raided the easiest possible outposts. Also maybe take away the boost effect that shows length and traps and all for the ranked modus.
  5. Also, I will say again the public leaderboard would be a great thing. Because it would be annoying to create a 3rd party website with one. So please don't make it annoying for us

Now moving on to some other stuff:

  1. I still feel emptiness, I feel like something is missing yes I know it, but why is only the player level not capped (Maybe it is but I dunno). It feels also like that levels mean nothing, yeah you gain resources but at the point where I am resources don't matter anymore, I have enough of them.
  2. Also, advisor skins might be fun where they wear new clothes or something like that.
  3. There are some bugs that are quite annoying like the one that reduces resources collected from your own outposts. Which is a bit frustrating for some
  4. An added social feature like a clan or guild could be very nice to socialize a bit more as a community. Maybe with a guild meet-up sanctuary like a council room, with a big table like a meeting room, which could be used as a hub. But maybe that is too much to handle for the current servers.
  5. There are two things I want to address with the achievements, the first one would be a bug that I already had reported, where some achievements can't be unlocked anymore because of beta progress that has carried over. The second one would be that more achievements would be great. I know that in the ama you said it wasn't something planned for now but for the future, it would be great to see some more.


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    wow. level 201? impressive dedication.

    honestly - player level seems pointless. i like how dead by daylight did it. reach level 100 and earn a dedication level. along the way get premium currency (iridescent shards) and reset to level 1.

    this loop system makes it so leveling matters, it makes sense to go to level 101 (because getting premium currency is easier at lower levels), and you're forced to prestige so you can't hide your grind behind a level cap.

    i guess the game needs more content before a premium shop can be opened, but honestly... i'd be happy with a 4th currency for free cosmetics and currency exchanges.

    not sure what they could do as far as cosmetics go.

    for one thing - i love how some have various forms and faces. like the cathedral block. then there are the blocks like the container block that can be painted with decal blocks. it sucks though that the decals can't overlay each other. so you can't put dbd graffiti over a blue container that you've painted yellow, red, or white. it always has to go on the blue one.

    then there's the 5 pack maximum issue and the limited creativity that this causes. because some items are from the same pack, but count as different packs for some reason.

    so i think maybe alongside decals they could also have a category called "paints" that goes under the decal and paints the block a different color. and these would be things like "foundation 8" "lost city 6" "foundation 16" "dead by daylight 3" "slaughterhouse 3" and "warzone 5".

    and you can purchase those with freemium currency.

    and i mentioned this already, but also having a currency exchange feature would be neat. x amount of freemium for y amount of cells, parts, or synthrite.