Lexington Park Incorrectly counting kills.

CodeRedJavk Member Posts: 2
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I just had a co-op duo get annihilated by my Lexington Park build. But the replay is counting it as a 0 death run

see screenshots here

** Edit** Wanted to add that this outpost has run out of resources and did not meet prestige requirements to be able to prestige because of this bug. Not sure if that means it’s just a dead outpost now? I spent like 6 hours building this thing

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  • Cyba_Zero
    Cyba_Zero Member Posts: 18

    Same thing here at my Knightstown outpost. I have had raiders enter and die and be credited fine up until now in this base (although I didn't always seem to get resource drops from all of them), but just now I had a (solo) raider die four times in raid playback but it registers as zero - there were also no gravestones or resource drops when I went in to investigate.

    Of note, my raider gave up after his 4th death and abandoned the raid (at least, the raid replay ended there). Did yours do similarly; if so, I wonder if that might be a factor?

  • IceBite
    IceBite Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4

    i have the opposite of this, 45 deaths recorded and shown on replay but 0 rewards are given.