Outpost should go on cooldown when exhausted

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The cost to prestige a base is pretty high, especially if you consider the fact they last about 12 hours and sometimes barely produce enough to sustain itself.

With the limited time I had in the beta, I didn't pay anything cause I only had a limited time to play before the game was taken offline. Now though, I'm noticing two things, the grind and the "disappoint".

First lets start with the "disappoint" is that once my base has been exhausted at prestige 10 it will needed to be retired and can only be posted in social raids. Sad really my Outpost did fine in the beta and not must retire with a game that's officially a week old.

Now the 2nd thing is the grind. So the cycle is gather syths either by raiding or kills in the outpost in order to prestige outposts. This is fine, every game needs a grind cycle however this particular cycle may encourage homogenized meta designs, i.e. the highly efficient but cheesey killboxes.

I propose that outposts go into cooldown when they are depleted; 12 to 72 hours depending on thier level. Once the cooldown is over a player may reactivate them. A player can pay resources to skip or reduce the cooldown. Prestiging an outpost also skips the timer all together along with adding capacity to it.

My hope is the outpost cooldown helps prevent player burnout. My friend, who also played during the beta, has already burn themselves trying to ensure they enough resources to prestige thier outpost when it was exhausted.

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    Edited the entire post caause the idea expanded.

    Nothing will stop meta builds in a resource collection game however having casual friendly mechanics may reduce the number of them, maybe.