Mastered Outposts should be able to be refillable at a higher Synthite cost.

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Hello BHVR and Custodians --

I feel like not being able to refill my Mastered or P10 Outposts is kind of a waste. The cost of Synthite should be higher at least. I spent a lot of time optimizing my build based on replays to make it more efficient and artistic. Not able to show my creation anymore is bothersome. This encourages people to show less efforts when creating new Outposts knowing that eventually won't be to be used.

Thank you --


  • Ghorhammer
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    Are you having a hard time gathering Synthite? I don't, I have no trouble banking enough to reset at all.

  • Darkyan
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    After Prestige 10 you can't refill the outpost, so it becomes inactive and you can only destroy it pretty much.

    Op doesn't struggle with money, he wants to use money to refill a rank 10 outpost because they put a lot of work into it.

  • hastarkis
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    Refilling one base over and over would be bad for game in a long run, unfortunately. Every base should gone sooner or later :c

    You can put your outpost on social, tho, and share it on media so people.

    And next time you can buy the cheapest (smallest) site with 9k genmat, spend 10 minutes to put just right amount of traps on the open route to reach minimal defence (but be sure no one will ever die there) and then you'll be able to reset it over and over again with just 600 synth or so, without fear of needing to rebuild it anytime sooner :) no deaths and accolades - no prestige - no problems.

    It's a joke of course but... well, only part of it.