Pistons killing HRV

Rimaka1 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 7
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There is currently an exploit some builders are using that consists of a Piston trap reaching out and killing HRV (where it spawns outside of the allowed building area) when you spawn in immediately. This is frustrating because usually those maps are just really really big mazes that now have no way to know the correct path to the genmat.

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  • wydyadoit
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    Is this an exploit or a feature? pretty smart tactic to remove the guide early on.

    i know some people do boltshots or bombs at the start so you’re either forced to wait until the harvester is gone or you risk getting it killed.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I mean, you can just kill them normally using Piston Traps by having the Augment that makes the activation timing randomized anyways. The only thing it really does is just save on capacity to do it.

  • Rimaka1
    Rimaka1 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 7

    @wydyadoit its very clearly an exploit/bug. The piston reaches outside the allowed building area and kills the HRV before anything else can prevent it.

    @Iron_Cutlass Thats vastly different than just killing the HRV before anything can prevent it. One is a clear exploit, the other is intended gameplay.

  • Darkyan
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    That's a cost of around 75 points just to remove the little box carrying dweeb.

    I'd say that's a fair exchange. All you gotta do is explore properly and not fall for red herrings.

    You wouldnt be able to save HRV in a regular setup if they use piston anywhere close to him anyway, because by the time you spawn, he's already 3 blocks into the outpost.

    Hidden and ingenious feature to me.

  • wydyadoit
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    guess it depends on how the devs see it and whether or not the community embraces it.

    i personally see "korean back-dashing" as an exploit/bug, but the entire fgc sees it as a skill.

  • MadMoeZel
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    the piston CAN be broken before killing harvey. also harvey can easily be killed with a deadman switch guard and an acid block that doesn't reach outside the map.

  • Rimaka1
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    yeah? im aware but builders shouldnt be able to kill HRV in its spawn location. This post isnt about killing HRV, its about a clear exploit of a piston that is killing HRV within its spawn area. which it isnt supposed to do.

    1) pistons dont normally kill HRV and they will wait for it to pass. this is intentional gameplay design by the devs.

    2)Again its outside the build area. You cant normally build on the outside facing wall of an outpost if its right up against the build area.

    It doesnt matter if you can save HRV with the volt lancer before the piston kills him, pistons arent supposed to kill HRV.

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    1 - i gave you a temporary fix until BHVR patches it (which they probably will as every other piston pauses for harvey)

    2- i can deadman switch harvey the moment the game starts, which is functionally identical to the piston kill.

    the post is about HOW harvey is killed at the start by a SPECIFIC mechanic. and i'm letting you know that it will likely be fixed, how to handle it until then, and that it doesn't matter anyways because an alternative that won't be patched out likely, already exists.

  • Rimaka1
    Rimaka1 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 7

    im honestly confused about why you bothered? this post is like 20ish days old, and was made with the sole intention to bring it to the devs attention.

    I wasnt looking for a work around to a game exploit or be told that it doesnt matter because X,Y,Z. im aware there are other ways to kill HRV and as i stated above, that isnt the point or purpose of the post.

    anyway have the day you deserve.