Well it didn’t take long for players to start finding exploits to abuse.

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The game has been out mere days and already doing raids has become a tedious, frustrating, aggravating experience.

I’m almost, universally coming across the exact same 2 build strategies over & over again now, requiring me to abandon raid after raid after raid because they’re quite simply impossible, especially if one has run out of grenades.

1) rooms are created with massive amounts of space, and one tiny entry point, littered with traps directed towards that tiny entry point, with a lot of projectile emitting guards from a high vantage point also shooting towards said entry point. The player is FORCED to use the tiny amount of ammo they have to eliminate some of these threats, but everything else is too far away to use your blade. You attempt to try to retrieve your ammo BUT those high vantage points are ALSO littered with traps. So you just die trying to retrieve your ammo, or die abandoning your ammo.

or I’m seeing this exploitative rubbish.

2) genmat will be in a tiny room, or narrow corridor. Again, only one point of entry. Once genmat is collected, almost every single surface turns into a trap that releases bouncing bombs, and flames EVERYWHERE in EVERY direction. They’re is literally NOWHERE to go. It’s impossible to destroy enough traps fast enough to remain safe, and NOWHERE to use the grapple to avoid the traps fast enough.

I hope this kind of exploitation of “congesting” spaces with far too many traps and guards where a raider has NOTHING at their disposal to do anything about it is dealt with soon. It’s not clever. It’s not ingenious. It’s just an oversight being exploited. It’s not fun to deal with at all. And eventually this game will simply be a build simulator where no one wants to play the role of Raider/Custodian ever again.


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    i mean i wouldnt call these exploits

    as a raider you do have means to deal with them, such as a crosbow with 15 ammo, or a sheild u can throw down as u collect the genmat

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    Seems like we got ourselves a newbie here.

    Nothing I have not seen or beaten.

    Git Gud.

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    These are not exploits, its the meta build. The game allows these types of builds.

    An exploit would be a builder being able to publish a map on non-social raids without a legal path for harvey. For example the genmat is entirely blocked off with Corrosive or holo blocks somehow and harvey is glitching through it.

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    Not an exploit, it's meta.

    An exploit would be a builder publishing a nonsocial map that has harvey glitching through walls and blocks players ablitiy to get the genmat.

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    Sadly not exploits but ya I feel your frustration. Some of these rooms just take time to figure out how to deal with.

    Ignore the “get gud” comments. This is a game and in a way it is suppose to be something you can enjoy and have fun with and these sort of build are a bit counterproductive to that.

    though here is a bit of tips on how you maybe able to better handle the rooms.

    1. for builds like this I have discovered that if you learn how to do controlled panicked grappling, you have a chance to be able to retrieve your ammo and make it back out. (Don’t stop moving and try zig zagging) Also try seeing what traps are around. Is there any you can use to trigger that cuase them to backfire on other traps. A lot of people like placing impaler traps under guards. If quick enough could move there to trigger the trap and move out, causing it to kill the guards. Don’t frappe directy to guards try being at the side in a way. If you are moving directly to them they are less likely to miss. If you managed to unlock the defensive weapon, try using it in this situation to cause traps to trigger and waste themselves. It’s hard to master but very effective. Intentionally get killed at a high level in the room so that you can look around and take not of all the traps to plan out your neck approach.
    2. for these builds. Take a moment to look around to room, to try and guess where the secound way traps are going to be. Try also not panicking after picking up the gmat panicking and moving all around will just trigger more traps. As people said could try using the shield consumable if you don’t have the weapon. Also secound way traps have a “long” arming time. They have to first become active, (this is when they are flashing yellow) then they actually have to trigger. Take this time to destroy only the necessary traps. Or if you die, once more take that moment of death as an opportunity to look around and see they layout of the traps, find a safe zone or a place where you can easily make a safe zone.

    if possible there is also co op. It can make these frustrating parts quite fun at times. Making funny moments.

    I hope these tips may help. Sadly these builds aren’t exploits and they are legal and part of Greg game and we have to learn to adapt to them. But try not letting them discourage you. From what I have seen the kill box rooms are for the most part discouraged and frowned upon. But it just how some people like building things. And ya also perfectly fine to abandon the raid and not vote anything.

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    Well, if I see a massive room full of ranged traps/guards, acid cubes and everything pointed at the entrance, abandoned and blocked. Same goes for when I see a dozen hornets spawn in immediately as I load in.

    Zero effort build = zero effort raid.

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    An addition to comment of magic1236:

    1) unlock a phoenix pod and try to drop it right after genmat. You need to learn how to drop it carefully but then you trigger all traps, die and revive in safe room with all one-attack traps being already disarmed. You also can throw a bomb into a corner and then take genmat: bomb will explode right after that and destroy fresh second wave traps in that corner creating a safe space (almost).

    1.5) some of those setups could be really hard with slow approach but fast running and good reaction (and understanding of timings) sometimes let you just speedrun the base with no real threat. Some specific game knowledge (like you can safely grapple through one corrosive cube and smth like that) can make your time easier.

    2) you can lower the difficulty. Those kill boxes you are talking about impossible without being brutal. Raid dangerous bases for now as they have more diversity on average.

    3) if you really want to raid brutal ones you can use boost of suit advisor that shows you number of traps and their type (2 or 3 level). With little practice you will learn to recognise and avoid killboxes that impossible for you. I avoid everything with tons of incinerators. Meh.

    4) "gitgud" sounds bad but practice is your best friend indeed. Those boxes aren't literally impossible, people from alpha and beta (i.e. with dozens hours of experience) deal with them daily and even enjoy doing so.

    Gl with that. Don't let those builds frustrate you.