I’m bored so… here’s a guide.

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spikes - best bang for buck.

bolts - these won’t activate danger sense at long range.

fake blocks - looks like bedrock. Use near bedrock. Versatile.

acid cube - using these is difficult. Typically requires mods and setup with additional traps. Best use is to trap bolts and force players to melee or dodge. Not worth the effort. Imitates bedrock if used during second wave. Kills guards. Other traps/guards cannot detect through this block.

bombs - the bombs are physics based. Stairs. Gravity. They destroy nearby traps and kill guards. Use them with hard to navigate terrain.

flamethrower. Spans 5 blocks i think? Can be combo’d with pistons and floor traps for a harder to hit target that requires slow movement accompanied by fast movement bursts.

Hooks - too easy to destroy. Annoying more than anything and can grab your own guards.

Plasma sentinel - powerful in numbers. Imitates bedrock if used as 2nd wave.

I feel like ive missed something…


warmonger - pointless without armor

bolt shooter - annoying. Can force ammo usage and potential loss.

flying unit - can be hell at spawn and cause a loss of ammo for players that can’t aim.

cannonback - overpriced. Funny spawn trap unit, but ultimately worthless for most bases.



shield - a better deflect. Blocks explosives. And attacks from behind. Use to punish kill rooms. Can be used to go through acid.

light sword - mainly just a bolt deflector.

heavy sword - used as a melee alternative when running crossbow. Breaks armor. Works better with melee based suit

crossbow - 15 shots to kill guards. Fire and forget playstyle. Use a sword or the bolt launcher to destroy traps. Or just avoid them with shield.

Bolt launcher - used for long range trap removal. Max 3 shots. Must recover ammo constantly. Not recommended for taking on guards near acid cubes. Best used with ranged suit.

Navigation tips - be carful around bedrock. Nearly every stealth trap will be near bedrock. The exception to the rule is high ceiling traps. The harvester can block attacks if he’s in front of you.

economy tips:

red cells are earned by leveling the chimera and raiding several times daily.

parts are the least valuable currency.

synthite is the most valuable. Do not waste it. The forbidden tombs are the best way to get this currency. You’ll also get some while leveling your chimera.



maps have 3 stats to pay attention to. This is reflected in the cost to purchase the map.

  • capacity - determines max block number and the amount of forbidden tombs. Separated into 3 tiers with 3 values per tier.
  • genmat type and amount - advisor xp. Farmed passively by owner when activate. Stolen by raiders.
  • difficulty - determined by trap amount. Not capacity. Big maps can still be consider “normal” and “dangerous”