Trap Augment Ideas

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Repair Kit (Cost 25) - Universal Augment

Upon the Genmat being stolen from the Extractor, any broken traps with this Augment automatically repair.

If its payload has not been fully deployed before it were initially destroyed, then it will be able to activate its payload again.

Trap Trix (Cost 15) - Bomb Ejector Augment

The Bomb Ejector does not release its payload when the Custodian is near, instead, it releases it's payload upon the trap being destroyed. The payload will have a shorter fuse time.

When the Custodian is near, it uses normal Bomb Ejector activation cues, this is a "faked activation".

Artificial Priority (Costs 30) - Impaler Augment

The Impaler will activate its payload instantly if the Custodian is holding any range weapon. The Impaler will activate its payload twice as slow if the Custodian is holding any melee or utility weapon.

Rolling Flames (Cost 35) - Incinerator Augment

The Incinerator's payload will travel along tunnels and walls until it has covered the maximum possible distance.

The Incinerator's maximum range cannot be increased further if this Augment is equipped.

Return To Sender (Cost 15) - Boltshot Augment

The Boltshot's payload will return back to the trap upon a Custodian walking along the path the payload had traveled, killing the Custodian if the bolts come in contact with them.

The Boltshot's payload is can be destroyed with a melee weapon if it is embedded into a surface.

This Augment destroys the Boltshot upon returning its payload, its payload is considered used upon the initial trap activation.