Why don't the guards move while simultaneously shooting the Custodian?

ironblade Member Posts: 270

The guards are so overwhelmingly bad. They stay still WHILE charging up their weapon. They're too easy to deal with. Why don't they shoot while moving at the same time? Custodians can just move a bit sideways and all their attacks will miss meanwhile the guards get shot in the face.


  • Ghorhammer
    Ghorhammer Member Posts: 9

    If you notice most guards are dirt cheap, 50 resources, which is the same as a Bolt Trap, which doesn't move at all, and only shoots once. Guards are meant to either be used in massive numbers to overwhelm, or to distract the Custodian so he moves into a trap. When I deploy guards I always do so in groups of at least six or seven.

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    The guard can also one shot you and restart your entire progression with a single stray bullet from over 10 blocks away.

    Pair that with the max capacity of 20 Armored guards along with the limited ammo and slow projectile speed of your crossbow and you'll quickly find that it's very good that they're not moving. Because otherwise you'd never make it past the first room of a Brutal.