A decorative suggestion

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Anychance we can paint traps in the future or at the very least holocubes and the places left blank by traps upgraded with second wave.

There's really no way to make your base look aesthetically pleasing without giving away trap locations easily. 


  • Osac
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    I feel like this would completely ruin the readability of the game, every single wall could be a potential holocube and spamming every decoration randomly to camoflage traps would become even more powerful.

  • Ilya_Lizard
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    I second that. Actually, I wanted to write similar feedback about holocubes.

    There should be an upgrade to paint on the holocube or disguise it as a different material.

  • Seraphor
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    Decals yes, props no.

    You could still tell the shape of a trap even if it was painted. But it would just take on the paint of the surface it was placed on, so you're not faffing about with having to 'paint the trap', you just paint the surface and if there's a trap there, it gets painted too.

    Holocubes I think should be able to be concealed a little better, maybe as an Mod that allows you to apply a decal to it, but it still looks slightly different to other surfaces. After all a holocube isn't a surface you can paint as it is, it has it's own surfaces.

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  • Midnght
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    Or it needs to count the cubes in the game and look like the most used or we get to choose the disguise as it is they are always stoneish blocks so they're easy to identify.

  • TragicSolitude
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    I think it's good for holocubes to be the way they are. It encourages using the bedrock within the design if you want to make use of holocubes. The textures flicker and can look like they're moving as is, so if any could be holocubes that would be unfair and unfun.

    I do wish I could put decorations on blocks that have a second wave trap on them. The trap isn't there until later, so it's not like the decoration would be obscuring it while it's deadly. (It would suck as a Raider, though. I don't run after grabbing the GenMat, so knowing which cubes can have a second wave trap and which can't is very helpful.)