Why am I getting punished for players abandoning my outpost for no reason?

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Hello! I spent a long time building a difficult brutal outpost, nothing impossible or lazy about it. Gen mat from it ran out too fast - players just did not have time to play it, and those who did - gave up after 1-2 deaths. I even got a couple accolades, yet still my outpost just runs out of gen mat and I don't have enough to prestige it. If these players didn't just give up 2 minutes in - I would have enough points to prestige it because they haven't even seen half the outpost. I imagine that because they went there and abandoned it it got recommended to less people since the system thought "this outpost had enough players". Now I have to reset it and start my prestige from scratch. Why? What did I do wrong as a builder?

Point is, if a player abandons your outpost, some compensation should be awarded to you in terms of points or something. It is really frustrating


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    This, it's silly that making an outpost too hard has the same problem as making it too easy.

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    If they abandon your outpost, you are awarded with one additional death and resources from this death.

    As for algorithms, nobody knows how they works (yet?), there's no proofs you get less raids because of those who abandoned your outpost. At least, it's possible to get an empty cycle without abandoning. Maybe you're just unlucky or people use boosts and see smth scary in your base, like long HRV's path or 88 traps with 25 of them being incinerators. There are plenty of reasons.

    I wish outposts live longer, tho.

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    You’re not getting punished. If they leave then you get a death. Higher capacity bases require more deaths and accolades to prestige. You can still refill it.


    look. Here’s how it works. Prestige for a capacity 1 is 30 points. 2 is 75. 3 is 125.

    it’s 600 to refill and 625 to prestige regardless of size or genmat.

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