"Block the tombs movement" for more overall raiding

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When a raider gets fewer resources, it must raid more bases. So blocking all tombs will increase the amount of raiding. I already blocked all of my tombs just for that reason.

Tough choice, but we must do sacrifices for the common good.

Btw, I do not understand the fuss about tombs. I already got 10+ more maps and 25k orange, 30k blue, and 70k red. Everything is already bought out and all boosts are at max level.

"Block the tombs movement" for more overall raiding 21 votes

I will support this
TehoKone 1 vote
I will not support this
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I do it for fun already. Shame on me.
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  • TehoKone
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    I will support this

    Wow. The font color of the options is very hard to see.

    Here are the options:

    1. I will support this
    2. I will not support this
    3. I do it for fun already. Shame on me.
  • magic1236
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    I will not support this

    Can’t lie I feel like this is a satirical post XD but also know it may not be. I do find the justification a bit funny thought so nice spin on it.

    but ya I can’t support it, but can’t discourage it eIther. The tombs are optional. The builder can incorporate them or not. I feel the fuss is that these are resources that really reward raiders, gives one a dopamine hit. Makes the raids a bit more enjoyable. And there is no negative effect on the builder for it getting destroyed. So it just feels like a trolling move to keep it away intentionally. The cake is a lie and all that.

    But well the devs even said in a live stream there is both wrong with blocking them out so its completely fine doing so. But being able to incorporate them in a creative way just make the outpost feel much more creative. Idk like I really just feel a sort of respect for the creator of an outpost when they incorporated the tomb in a very creative way or using it to be able to get more kills out of raiders. It’s a fun side challenge or some little gift given.

    Again nothing truly wrong with blocking them. They are there for builders to use, ignore or well block.

  • Seraphor
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    I will not support this

    No idea if this is bait.

    You block the tombs I block you. You get 1 fewer raider for future bases.

  • hastarkis
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    I will not support this

    You block the tombs I block you. You get 1 fewer raider for future bases. [2]

  • TragicSolitude
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    I will not support this

    I added a crapton of traps on the way to the Tombs so I have a chance at more kills. None of the Tombs are unreachable, none of them trap the rewards, and none of the traps break the Tombs. I don't want ragequits, but hopefully tomb raiding provides a challenge on my new Outpost. Such a long ass path to the Tombs (thank the stupid immovable block RNG, it made a nightmare of my map), anyone willing to go through that mess deserves the rewards.

    No reason to block the Tombs when you can use them in your layout design to help net more deaths.

  • LancerEcho
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    I will not support this

    If I find a blocked tomb, I block the user and leave the map.

    You do you tho.

  • TheLegalCustodian
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    I will not support this

    MYM is a social game. You are free to block tombs but why should you be so petty and deny resources if you can already live out your inner satan to the fullest extend inside your Outpost?


    Instead of blocking why not simply build traps around your tomb and get some extra kills?

  • Varzin
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    I will not support this

    I had already promised myself that any base where a tomb is clearly intentionally blocked off (completely surrounded by corrosion cubes or see-through-cubes) gets no accolades from me. Now that others have mentioned it, I might just start blocking those users as well.

    The logic of "players who get less resources raid more" doesn't track anyway. Synthite and Parts are abundant whether you breaks tombs or not, Cells are the real driving resource behind raids and tombs don't provide those. By blocking off tombs you're wasting a potential resource that makes your base more interesting and functional while depriving other players of the fun of trying to ferret out all the tombs for no added benefit to either party.