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Osac Member Posts: 6

Replay viewer is a fantastic feature, hilarious to watch and really helps with iterating the design of my map, I boot up every day with my morning coffee and watch raiders dying to my traps. Here's a few bug reports and feature requests.

Main bugs that you may already be aware of:

  • First person camera not reprisentitive of the player's view (especially with vertical mouse movement)
  • Playback seems to freeze occasionally, especially after skipping through with Z, C, Q or E
  • Free-cam will sometimes be stuck in place and cant be moved with camera controls
  • HRV wont ragdoll when he dies but plays the walk animation instead, some guards will continue making noise after death
  • Replay viewer UI (in the hub) will show the most recent replay as unviewed if you scroll down and back up)
  • Traps will sometimes go invisible on map reset (when a player dies and respawns)

Feature requests/ideas:

  • Ability to skip to anywhere on the timeline using my mouse
  • Video exporter for replays (or selected segments of replay) to my PC
  • Dont group deaths as a singular timestamp, if I skip to it I have already missed the first death (or sometimes even the first 2 if its a big cluster)
  • In addition to timestamps, maybe add additionl markers to the timeline for info that doesnt interfere withe the Q/E skipping such as a marker for revival, this could help display a clearer story at the top of the screen for what happens during the replay that you can read at a glance
  • Dont display a skull for disconnecting, maybe have an icon for successful and unsuccessful escapes.
  • When entering free-cam mode, start it at the player's location and angle so I dont need to fly for 10 seconds to get that cool shot of their upcoming death.
  • Automatically skip downtime while a player is AFK for X seconds

Other problems I had:

  • Booted up the game 1 morning to find I had 32 kills on a single run, excitendly went to view the replay and it was just a coop pair repeatedly killing eachother in spawn, and then completed the level in 5 or so death instead. Dissappointing experience that I'd like to avoid again.


  • Osac
    Osac Member Posts: 6

    More bugs:

    • Replay doesnt use my FOV setting value from the options
    • Player username appears above their head in first person view

    More feature requests:

    • Some UI for when a replay ends, if possible let me see which accolades this user has left
  • RicSimane
    RicSimane Member Posts: 42

    Yes, all of this, please. Watching replays is one of of the best things in the game but somehow it's even more broken than it was in beta. It's super clunky and it really seems like the least fleshed out feature.

  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163

    I've also noticed that sometimes the readout will say there are 0 kills, and yet when you go into the replay, there will be kills.

    I would like

    • Marker to see if raider got a tomb
    • Ability to Delete All replays.
  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163